Thursday, December 8, 2011

Shame on Skippy!!

We joined the land of the "Elf on the Shelf" this year...  Unfortunately, Gunner (my two-year-old), the one that needs it the most, doesn't understand the concept behind "be good or Santa will find out."  He's the tasmanian devil reincarnated.  Yesterday, he pulled one of the buttons off my laptop.  Today, he broke another TV.  Yep, I said another.  About 8 months ago, he broke a fairly new LCD tv, and tonight he broke the replacement plasma TV.  The kid has an arm on him, and mommy has a temper.  After his punishment (I still don't think he understood), he came in the living room, crawled up in my lap and said he was sorry...  and then said we could put new batteries in it.  I love that stubborn, bull-headed, soft-hearted little boy of mine, no matter how crazy he makes me!

Back to our elf...  We named him Skippy.  Skippy hasn't done many adventurous things around here, except bungee jumping in the bathroom.  He's just been watching a little TV (before it was broken), hanging out with the ornaments, and watching from various places in the house.  

As the story goes, Skippy and the other elves report back to Santa at the North Pole each night, letting him know how the kids have been.  I guess Skippy decided he was tired of being good and reporting back to Santa, because last night he raided the kids' piggy banks and make a visit to a different kind of Pole...

Shame, shame, Skippy...

My kids didn't see Skippy this way, thankfully!  However, I might be able to get past the shock and embarrassment if you could help me win an "Inappropriate Elf Contest."  Yes, I think an iPad 2 would most definitely help me forget this traumatizing event!  When voting begins, please be sure to "like" my image (details of this to come soon), once a day, every day!!

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